plant and natural fibers

There are many reasons to blend your fleece with other fibers: to add new character, increase durability or creating a textile difference to your finished product. It all depends on the end performance and look of the yarn you envision.  Many love blending alpaca with 20% to 30% merino wool to add more memory and resilience to your yarn. Add a higher comfort factor to coarser sheep wool with a 50% blend of alpaca or mixing silk to any fiber adds beautiful luster and strength. Pre-dyed fiber blends are a great way to add interest and creativity to your end product. This can be added at different stages of processing depending on the look you want to achieve.

Synthetic Fibers

Why blend in?

  • Nylon
  • Flash
  • Tencel
  • Firestar
  • Microfiber

Blending prices coming soon!

protein fibers

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