You either love skirting or you don’t, but it is a necessary step prior to shipping for processing. It’s also a great time to evaluate your harvest and make breeding decisions for the future.

We love that part!

Some tips on skirting:

At I MAKE YARN we love receiving clean fleece! Not only does it save time in processing for a quicker return back to you, but it also saves you money.  BIG MONEY.  Since our fees are based on incoming weight, you certainly don’t want to be charged for dirt and other debris in your fleece. Plus,we feel badly when we have to add cleaning expenses to your bill. Save time and money by properly cleaning your fleece before shipping.

Preparing your fleece for processing

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The beauty of clean fiber

Take Note

When placing an order, print a form to include with each separate order.

Each order form travels with the job for tracking purposes.Thank you.

  1. Our yarn making hours are from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm MST. During that time, we are focused on making your masterpieces and simply cannot be distracted with phone calls. HOWEVER, Eddie will be available to take your calls Monday through Saturday from 4:00 pm to 6:00pm MST and give you all the time you need for questions and consulting. Fair enough? (208) 473-0373

  2. Once your shipment arrives, your fleece will be evaluated and determined how to best optimize through processing . Expect a phone call from Eddie or staff for a very pleasant discussion.

  3. We have limited storage space. Once your order is completed you will be notified to send your final payment, A 5% late charge will be applied if funds are not received within 30 days of notification.

  4. If we don't hear from you 60 days after notification, we'll assume that you headed to Costa Rica and are never returning back to ranch life. In that case, your product becomes the property of  I MAKE YARN.  Happy trails.
  • From the blanket, remove the "icky" fiber where the blanket meets the abdomen. You can’t miss it. It looks like a part of a horse’s mane-very straight and coarse.

  • Remove all large debris including matted manure, sticks, burrs, stickers, wood chips and the occasional bottle caps. That might be taking it a bit too far, but we do find surprises now and then. Also, remove all urine stained fiber. It just doesn’t come out in the wash.

  • If you do not have a fiber tumbler, shake the stuffings out of your fleece, one handful at a time to get the dirt and dust out. And don’t be afraid to bang your handfuls several times on your skirting table. This is really effective. Once at our mill, it will go through our fiber tumbler to get out what you can’t. Remember “dirt” is very expensive.

  • We prefer to receive your fleeces in separate bags, even if your goal is to process similar blankets together. To avoid confusion, put the bags that you would like processed together in an outer bag with the order form.   Once we receive your shipment, we can make sure the fleeces are a match in fiber diameter and staple length before mixing together.

  • Please do not send any bug infested fleece. Throw it out! We enjoy sharing but not insects that could contaminate our mill and visit other client’s harvest. Also, we cannot accept any fleece with mothballs as it can cause damage to our equipment.

  • We appreciate you wanting to send pre-washed fleeces, but honestly, you can’t get it as clean as we can. So give yourself a break. Preparing fiber for processing is time-consuming enough.

  • When shipping, the best method is to place your individual orders in separate plastic bags (Costco), use a vacuum to suck the air out and quickly rubber band tightly. Have your shipping boxes ready to stuff snugly and seal. Eventually air will seep back into your plastic bags, but the shipping cartons will curb that from happening if you pack tightly. Don’t forget to place an order form with each separate order preferably folded in a business envelope so it doesn't get scrunched.